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Wedding Packages

Our packages start from:
$995 to $3,995.
For more details, call us at 408.636.3247
We look forward to hearing from you.

We offer a variety of packages from shooting only to the most comprehensive Red Carpet Package which features the latest special effects, music, and titling displays. We also offer many options to customize your wedding video.

Shooting Only Package
Professionally shot video, customer gets Hi-Definition 4K Video file.
One camera for 5 hours coverage
Professional equipment (4K Sony Equipment) with lighting kit
No editing
Option available to transfer to DVD or BluRay

One Camera Basic
For the budget-conscious couple looking for professional video without costly high end editing.
Opening scenes set to music with titles
One camera for six hours coverage
Basic editing
Three friends and family interviews

Basic Package Add-ons
Create your own custom package by adding any of the following items to the 1 Camera Basic package.
2nd camera coverage of ceremony: $400 for 1 hour and $500 for 2 hours
Extended pre-ceremony prep: $75 (Additional overtime hours may apply)
7 Additional friends and family interviews: $75
Still photos: $2.50/photo
Advanced computerized editing: $200
Highlight recap with end credits: $350

One Camera Deluxe
A great option for short ceremonies. Enhance the emotional impact of your wedding video by adding high end editing techniques such as slow motion, black and white, and a highlight recap.
15 photo collage introduction
One camera 6 hour coverage
Advanced computerized editing with customer selected music
Preparation shots and interviews
Highlight recap including end credits


Two Camera Deluxe
Our most popular package capturing your entire ceremony from the best angles, high end editing such as slow motion / black and white.
40 photo collage introduction
Main camera at ceremony & reception (9 hrs)
Second camera at ceremony only (2 hr max)
Advanced computerized editing with customer selected music
Preparation shots and interviews
Highlight recap including end credits

Red Carpet Package
For the couple desiring the ultimate in wedding day videography! Your entire day is caught on two cameras—nothing is missed. Each production utilizes unique editing techniques to enhance the individuality of your day.
100 picture photo montage with full service LCD projection at reception
Ceremony site review meeting
Main camera available for 10 hours
   – Second camera available for 8 hours
Bride and groom pre-ceremony preparation coverage
Extensive use of customer selected music
Begin and end your custom BluRay Disc with memorable highlights from your wedding day


Wedding Flashback . . . . . $250
Your wedding memories are some of the most important moments of your life and we are committed to preserving them for a lifetime. You can re-live the excitement and special moments of with our Flashback Interview. We can take a look back on that special day, capture it on video and include it with your wedding video to make it complete.

Photo Montage
Set two lifetimes of pictures to your favorite music and let friends and family celebrate your childhood and dating years. Play during the rehearsal, reception, or father / daughter dance for all to enjoy.
100 picture montage Hi-Definition 1080p Video file . . . . . $350
Additional pictures . . . . . $2.50/picture

Blu-Ray Options
There is no difference in the actual video content of a deluxe or Basic Blu-Ray. The difference is in the menu and scene selection presentation. See the examples below.
Basic and Deluxe wedding packages include Hi-Definition 1080p Video file in the Package
Red Carpet packages include Hi-Definition 1080p Video file and 1 Custom Deluxe Blu-Ray

Deluxe DVD Main Menu
Basic Blu-ray/DVD: This Disc will play the entire video when used in a compatible player

Deluxe DVD Sub-Menu
Deluxe Blu-ray/DVD: This Disc menu has music playing in the background and a moving menu featuring 4 photos of the bride and groom. The scene selections go directly to the main events of the wedding such as the Bridal Entrance, Vows, Kiss, Dance, etc., for easy navigation right to the most important events.


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