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Wedding Video FAQ

Why are 2 cameras at the wedding ceremony chosen instead of the 1 camera option?
Two cameras provide more footage and camera angles for a video that shows the ceremony from the audience’s perspective as well.

Why do people use a wireless microphone?
Vows can be clearly heard when the groom wears a microphone. The camera microphones pick up the vows from the camera location(s).

Can I add the engagement package on to my one camera package?
Yes, the engagement package can be added to any one or two camera package.

What are bridal prep shots?
Bridal prep shots are taken while the bride is getting ready for the ceremony. Arrange with the videographer for the types of shots and locations.

What’s a “highlight recap”?
The highlight recap is a summary taken from special moments of the day, edited into one continuous video segment.

What are transitional graphics?
Transitional graphics are computer generated characters / pictures that can be used between photos and video segments.

What are opening titles?
Opening titles show the audience the date and names of the couple by using a special text screen.

Is there a way I can find out what previous customers thought about the services and results you provide?
Yes, it’s as easy as a visit to our Client Comments web page

How can I best find the bridal information on the web?
When searching the web via search engines such as Google,,,, et cetera, remember that the more specific you are, the better your search results will be.

If you are searching for information on wedding videos and would like to focus on the San Jose area, the following text will work in all search engine queries and will keep you from sifting through results that don’t pertain to the topic and geographical region you are interested in seeing results for:

“wedding video” + “san jose”

Remember to use the quotes around specific phrases you are looking for and to use the ’+’ sign to specify that you require both phrases to be present in the search engine results. The same method works for other topics, just remember to use the quotes and the ’+’ sign. If you do not use the ’+’ sign, both phrases might not be present in the web pages you’ll be choosing from. Thus, you’d be sifting through more results yourself.

You can also use the “Bridal Links” we’ve provided to help you identify those who provide the services you need.

May I order an additional DVD later?
Yes, as long as we have the master DVD of your event, we can provide you with a DVD. We keep the master DVDs for 5 YEARS after the event dates.

May I order more than one DVD?
Yes, after the initial DVD production price (see DVD package page for details) extra copies are available for $30 each or 3 for $75.

Can we capture special moments as a couple prior to the wedding on a video to show at the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner?
Yes, our Love Stories engagement video package was designed to help you do just that.


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